The Top Brands in Curling

Curling was a game played on icy and cold marshes in Scotland. People used channel stones which had been smoothened as a result of water action. At the same time, the Dutch curled onto similar icy canals whereby ice skating was common. Just as the game of golf, the question about the origin of curling will most likely does not have an answer. However, the Scottish people have to be appreciated for developing both the latest version of this sport and promoting it all over America.

Immigrants in Scotland planned the Orchard Lake, Michigan, Club in the year 1832 and the Royal Montreal Curling Club in the year 1807. The Grand Caledonian Curling Club which was later referred to as the Royal Caledonian Curling Club was founded in the year 1838 in Edinburg. This became Scotland’s national governing entity and helped standardize rules governing international plays.

In 1852, the Royal Caledonian established a branch. The Grand National Curling Club of America, also a member of the Royal Caledonian was established in the year 1867.

The first ever world championship competition began in 1958. Canadian teams are now dominant in the event, which is currently being organized by the International Curling Federation. It was founded in the year 1966 and is based in Edinburg.

Curling has become an exhibition or demonstration sport at a number of Olympics. It evolved into a fully fledge-Olympic game during the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan.

Below are some of the best curling brands.

The history of Asham curling Sport Company.

Mr. Arnold Asham had an obsession for curling. His natural eagerness to explore new methods to improve the game steered him towards a world of designing products. Due to this, all his products are manufactured and focus more on the curler. The products are properly manufactured to assist the player in every aspect of the game. The intelligence integrated into the products is as a result of Asham designing them by himself.

In the year 1978, Arnold Asham launched the ground-breaking Red Brick Slider to the curling fraternity. With immediate success, he turned his basement to a manufacturing facility and began applying sliders beneath the soles of sport shoes. The achievement of the Red Brick Slider motivated him to manufacture his personal shoe. In the year 1980, after selling approximately 8,000 shoes, Asham took another step and opened his personal operation.

Now a global name and the chief supplier in the curling industry, Asham Curling Supplies has had a long journey since its inception during the basement manufacturing days. The reality is that Arnold desires to proceed to improve the curling sport and enhance the popularity of the game.

The Asham Curling Supplies is known for supplying curling apparel such as brooms, mitts, gloves, footwear, bags and other custom made products. To Asham, it is vital to promote, encourage and support the curling game and the individuals who play it.

History of the Olson Curling Supplies Company.

The power to invent is a part of the Olson family, just as the curling sport has been a fundamental part of their company for a period that exceeds 70 years. Established in 1933, by an accomplished athlete known as E.B Olson, the Olson Curling Manufacturing and Supplies Ltd in Edmonton continues to manufacture and sell numerous of its personal designs. Olson created the primary rubber curling hack in the year 1939. This product created the foundation for decades of achievement in business. More recently, David Herbut, the grandson of Olson patented numerous of his personal innovations; changes to the curling shoes and curling broom as well as numerous other Olson innovations have been incorporated to the product catalogue of the company.

Olson is recognized for a number of achievements that stretch ahead of the drawing board and towards the curling rink. Ranked top athlete for a better part of his life, he won numerous curling tournaments and that includes the Alberta Curling Association Bonspiel Championship, 1957. Olson has been introduced to both the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame for his immense contribution to the curling sport.

History of Goldline Company.

Curling continued to enjoy a new start during the early sixties. New clubs continued to be formed throughout the country. Ed Flowers, who was a sales manager and curler during that period for Bell Canada. Ed together with four other gentlemen came up with an idea to construct an eight sheet club. This gave birth to the Sherwood Park Curling thereafter and Ed Flowers became the manager. This led to a complete change to the Ed family. The lives of the Ed family members revolved around bar tending, food preparation, ice making and the club.

Years later after opening up a mall situated next to the land after just five years, curling gave in to retail uses. Since Ed was out of his job, he decided to use his curling and sales background to start selling curling supplies. This gave birth to the Goldline in 1967 and began operation during its early years in his garage.

Ed Flowers passion and innovative bent with machinery developed to new opportunities. Goldline became the first company to dispense the burner used to make ice. It was the pioneer in the manufacturing of complicated machinery used for rock resurfacing. Ed was also renowned for manufacturing dehumidifiers meant for curling clubs.

The garage later developed into a tiny warehouse during the late seventies and his son later became part of the company during early eighties. Some of the achievements of the Ed family include:

  • They developed revolutionary equipment like the G40 Shoe, Perimeter Slider as well as the ergonomic brush handle.
  • They have also contributed to the curling fashion.
  • They introduced complicated merchandise for curling events.
  • They introduced the initial pants meant for curling.
  • They introduced the anti slider to North America.

Goldline boasts of all types of curling equipment that you could possibly require. They have gloves, mitts, curling shoes, apparel, delivery sticks and curling brushes. Additionally, they have novelty items for enthusiastic curling fans. Shopping with the Goldline brand guarantees that you will be properly equipped for your casual game or curling competition. Their curling equipment is also of high quality.

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